What is Hemp?

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a non-psychoactive strain of cannabis. This implies the plant can’t get you high since it contains under 1% of THC. Industrial hemp is developed for various uses – garments, rope, nourishment, and considerably more.
What is hemp utilized for on the off chance that it can’t be smoked?
Each piece of the plant is more helpful than you’d envision! The seeds are collected for nourishment and oil purposes. The stalk is utilized to make texture, rope, other solid materials. Does hemp have buds? All things considered, yes it does! Actually, the blooms (and leaves) are utilized to separate the cannabinoid oils. Hemp buds are the most extravagant piece of any cannabis plant with regards to the cannabinoid substance and this valuable hemp oil has numerous health advantages. These are only a couple of prominent employments of the plant, and you’ll see bounty increasingly down underneath.

How Is Hemp Grown?

If you’re a beginner wondering how to grow hemp, you’re going to need a good guide and some practice. Hemp plants are sensitive, meaning there are a ton of guidelines to follow when growing your own. The soil, temperature, pH levels, and other factors are important to take into account.
If you’re growing hemp for CBD, then you can’t have any male plants and need to check attentively for them to remove them. This is a common issue among hemp farmers – male plants pollinate so quickly. Many people have lost thousands of dollars because of this.

Benefits of Hemp

Depending on the hemp product, there could be a wide variety of benefits to reap from it! Here are a few at a glance:

  • Moisturizing, reducing wrinkles, and more benefits for the skin
  • Hemp seeds are rich in vitamins and other nutrients
  • They may also reduce the risk of heart disease
  • The stalk is used for crafting strong rope and hemp clothes
  • Much friendlier to the environment than other fabrics and materials
  • The plant grows very quickly and it’s economic to cultivate

Where Does Our Hemp Come From?

Our hemp comes American farms that use the highest standards of cultivation. We only source our raw ingredients from facilities that use the most advanced hemp extraction methods. We perform internal tests on these raw materials for metals, pesticides, and microbials. We then formulate our hemp products and send them to an external lab for evaluation. We make the resulting lab sheet available to all consumers through our website and available for download.